Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Passat B5 Gear Knob Removal

All manufacturers have different methods for attaching a gear knob and gear gaiter.  The VW variant is very simple and requires no tools to remove.  As is not dependant on lifting the gear knob to engage reverse gear any type of upgrade or replacement can be used.  Most aftermarket heads will fit on in minutes with no modification necessary.

Start by prising the back of the gear gaiter which should just clip off, then do the same for the front and the gaiter should come free completely.  Lift the gaiter so it sits by the neck of the gear knob and simply unscrew it by the head anticlockwise.  Do not pull upwards as you may detatch the gear lever linkage from underneath.  If you need to seperate the gaiter leather from the gear knob itself now is the time as it is held in place with a circular plastic barrel and can just pull off.

To refit simply turn the gear gaiter fully inside out and holding by the gearknob place over the gear lever screw thread and screw on clockwise until the gear knob is tightly fitted and the correct way around.  Don't push down on the outer gear gaiter as you want to leave the leather sitting up slightly which makes it look fresh and nice, if you push down on the gaiter leather you can sink it completely and it will look worn and tired by comparison.

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  1. Hey
    Some model's do not screw off, there is a clip that can be seen when u lift the gaitor!

  2. With some models, a black plastic cylinder is under the gaitor and no clip/clamp can be seen, and turning knob anti-clockwise does not work either.

  3. Just out of interest, do you know what the size (diameter and pitch) of the screw thread is?

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