Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Passat B5 Service Inspection Reset

This is a very simple proceedure to clear the service inspection due notice which appears when you start the car.  If you have had your car serviced by an independant local garage or have done it yourself you will want to clear these messages.  Although this method will clear the message it will still retain inspection data retreivable by the dealership.

Looking at the instrument cluster you will see two adjuster knobs protruding.  The left one is to adjust the clock and the right is to reset your odometer trip mileage.  With the ignition off completely press and hold the trip reset knob down while turning the ignition to the first position.  Release the knob and the display on the right should change to displaying 'OIL'.  Now turn the clock adjuster knob to the right, you will feel it click and the service inspection for the oil should change to three dashes '- - -'.  Turn the ignition off.

To reset the 'INSP' follow the same method but hold down the right trip adjuster knob again until 'INSP' appears on the display.  Again just turn the clock adjuster knob to the right and the display will change to the three dashes '- - -'.  Turn off the ignition and the service inspection display will be reset

If you don't have a Haynes manual for this vehicle you can buy one here:

VW Passat (96-00) Service and Repair Manual (Haynes Service and Repair Manuals)

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